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About Us

Scarborough Immigration Services is a mission-focused comprehensive Documentation and Support Services provider for US and Canadian Immigration Law Firms.

We provide quality documentation for all Immigrant and Non-Immigrant petitions and administrative support for US and Canadian Immigration Law Firms.

We are business facilitators equipped with professional acumen to understand the uniqueness and urgency of every case. Partnering with us gives Immigration Law Firms an opportunity to expand their services and to increase firms’ operating efficiency, profit and business triumph.Our Immigration Support Services frees up your legal and professional staff to focus on billable or strategic activities and consultations. We offer a hands-on, personal approach, with a seamless process every time.

Through cost effective services, on time delivery and assured quality, Scarborough Immigration Services ensures that your immigration services are met—on time, every time.

Every interaction with our customer is guided by our core values of Trust, Transparency and Respect.

We guarantee confidentiality and adherancee to the highest ethical standards.

Our team pays persistent attention to updates and changes to immigration laws as well as updates from USCIS, Department of State, Department of Labor ,CIC etc.